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The Unseen Force and Circles

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13th June 2016 Circles and Spirituality 0
Me in Lake District

Me in Lake District

Hello everyone. My name is Ismail. I was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in the East Coast of Africa next to the Indian Ocean. I lived in Dar-Es-Salaam for 22 years before I moved to London in 1994 where I am currently residing.

I have a passion for ancient knowledge. I have been reading all kind of spiritual paths since from a very young age. My background is of Islamic culture.

I hope one day I will travel and visit all or most of these ancient sites left by our ancestors long time ago. From Sumerians in Babylon, Egyptians with pyramids in Egypt Africa, The Dogon Tribe in West Africa, Mayans in South America, Bosnia and all of Eastern Europe, The Great Wall of China, Easter Island, Indian and Persian kingdoms, The Aboriginaks in Australia, The Maori in New Zealand and all the others around this beautiful Gaia, Our Planet.

What I love about all these ancient sites is their resemblances in all structures left behind for us to ponder.

Recently I have been looking at ‘Circles’ and how the connection of this sacred symbol is represented in our daily lives continuously. Its one of the most used structure/symbol or shape in all creation of all things.

When you look around, you can easily observe ‘Circles’ in almost anything you see. Circles represents Wholeness, Infinity, Perfection, Completeness, and Divinity.

One of my main aim for this website is to bring awareness to the connections we have us humans and all things around us especially to young people. As above so below, this mantra used in mystical ancient philosophy gives us a clue to the connection of all Creation to ‘Circles’.

This is a forgotten sacred knowledge, which has been around us from beginning of time. Has the Infinite Source and Creator Of All That Is used a ‘Circle’ as a basis of creation? I believe so….

I will be writing different articles and using pictures and videos to illustrate the importance of this magnificent and magical symbol our Creator has left for us.

I hope you enjoy reading this website and please feel free to leave any comments at any given time. Much appreciation to you.

May Love and Peace be with you all at all times.


In lak’ech Alakin

Assalaam Alaykum

I see you

Blessed be y’all




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