The Unseen Force and Circles

Hello Everyone! Peace And Love Be To All

To celebrate the end of the year 2017, I decided to show and illustrate this amazing symbol or shape or whatever you want to call it, ‘The Circle’, all in pictures.

As I have written on this website, I do feel that ‘The Circle’ is a remarkable symbol that The Creator or The Source of All That Is has embedded in this Universe and perhaps beyond to represent The Source Energy Self.

If you look around you, this shape is almost in everything we see, either big or small or even microscopic particles too.

So here we go, I will be taking pictures around me and posted here to reflect and wonder about this Sacred Geometrical Symbol, ‘THE CIRCLE’.

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The Eye

‘The Eye is the Window of The Soul’

I am starting with the Eye, the perfect ‘Circle’ which enables us to see so we can perceive, cook, fell in love, walking, running, watching, communicate, reading, etc.

Have you ever look inside your own eye even a few minutes? You will see that there are ‘Circles’ within ‘Circles’. All of these ‘Circles’ are there so we can capture the image and sent it to the brain and perceive the object or whatever you are seeing.

The ‘Circles’ inside the Eye – Close Up. The picture kindly donated by my friend Nicole

All of this is through a CIRCLE. What a beautiful wonder.

Time – Clock/Watches

Time has always been represented by a ‘Circle’

Time is the concept that has been there since the beginning of this Universe. So much has been said and discussed this concept of time, for example, is it an illusion or not? I remember reading the book The Power of Now which made me change completely my understanding of Time. The real-time in our reality is really the Now. The present moment is so crucial in our lives but unfortunately, so many of us are missing this precious gift from Our Supreme Source. So next time you watch a clock or time just remember, it is a ‘Circle’ you are looking at.

We wear watches or look at the clocks every day to check time since we wake up in the morning to deal with our daily routine in life.

From an astrological point of view, Time has always been  represented in a ‘Circle’. 12 is the number which represents Time in most part of our lives. You have 12 astrological houses, 12 months to make a year, and also 12 hours to make a day or a night. All of these concepts from ancient times have always  been represented by a ‘Circle’.

The following picture is the Astrological Natal Chart of my day of birth. Notice the ‘Circles’ within the ‘Circles’ used to explain and show the positions of the planets at the exact date and time of my coming here to this Sacred Wonderful Gaia.

My Personal Astrological Chart, ‘Circle within a Circle’

‘There are no coincidences in Life’, I heard one lady saying this in one of the workshops I attended last year. I could have never agreed more with her than now.

Now take a look at any clock or a watch you are wearing right now. If you have noticed already, 12 hours are always represented in a ‘Circle’. There is an ancient saying that says, ‘As Below So is Above’, if you look at the Zodiacs above in our skies, they always move in a ‘Circle’. The above snapshot is of my Astrological alignment of all the stars in our Solar System when I was born in Dar-Es-Salaam.

The Clock’s seconds, minutes and hourly indicators always moves n a ‘Circle’

The Headphones 🎧

Sounds travel better with a ‘Circle’

Have you ever wondered why the headphones are in the shape of a ‘Circle’? Not only they are comfortable with the ear but sound vibrations travel better and faster in a circle. Further, on the page ahead, I will show more about Sound and The ‘Circle’. Their relationship is remarkable and outstanding.

The following is one of the examples of how The ‘Circle’ affects Sound Vibrations that travel to our  Eardrums for us to hear and enjoy The Sound.

The Guitar

‘The Circles’ in the Guitar

As they say, music is the language of  The Universe, ‘Circle’ plays a big part in the creation of music or any sound.

Have you ever noticed the Guitar used lots of circles to create the sound? The strings are always in a circle and in order to adjust the sound, you will always use a ‘Circle’ in one way or the other….”

Even tuning for the right note ornate the Guitar, ‘Circle’ is used.

The picture above shows the tuners for the guitar to make a perfect note of the music created. Circles are largely used in one way o really the   Ther in producing a perfect sound,


Interesting thing is, almost all musical instruments will use a ”Circle’ in a big way that creates the sound. I was born in Africa and grew up there, drums are a big part of our culture to create music. The vibrations coming out of the drums are awesome and high frequency in nature.

When we dance we energize ourselves and we raise our vibrations by connecting with our Bodies, The Mother Earth, Air around you, and even Fire within you. Believe me, its the best exercise you can have and your heat will definitely raise up.

Last year I had a gift voucher to go and learn how to play the drums from my ‘Secret Santa’ where I work. I was so excited and did not get disappointed. The picture below is one of the drums we used in the workshop on that day.

Even the sticks to beat up the drums are of course ‘Circle’ in nature. One ‘Circle’ meet and another ‘Circle’ to create a powerful Sacred Sound Vibrations. Just imagine the Sound which was created on the day of Big Bang where we believe that is how the Universe started.

I never stop wondering this question?!!!! The Creator and The Source of All That Is never stops to amaze me since I started thinking about this connection of ‘Circles’ around us and the Universe as a whole.

My favourite sound vibrations are that of Drums. Of course ‘They are always in A ‘Circle’.


I grew up in East Africa and one of the most things I miss is the fresh organic fruits from there. I remember walking home from school and trying to fetch a mango by using stones. One thing I noticed in most fruits if not all is if you cut them into 2 halves, a ‘Circle’ will be staring at you. Take a look at these pictures below;

The Lime and the Squeezer. Circles are everywhere

Kiwi, one of my favourite fruits, did not disappoint me with ‘Circles’
Banana, when you open the fruit, Voila ‘Circle’ all the way through. Love it
Clementine, So good for Vitamin C; Beautiful ‘Circle’ formed by the pieces inside the fruit

As you can see above, I had 4 fruits at the time I was writing this but I will update more pictures as days go along.

Interestingly to squeeze a lime in an efficient way, ‘Circle’ is also used. See the squeezer next to the lime picture.

Mango, we call it Embe in my mother tongue Swahili. This Mango’s picture was taken by my sister Dalilah outside our house in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, Africa.


Recently in our times, lots of people are turning to be either vegan or vegetarians. As I come originally from Africa, eating meat is considered as a must thing. But in Africa, most animals are grazed organically and on free-range.

I remember watching an online documentary about how the animals are being treated in mass production for the meat market in western countries in Europe. That changed my perception of eating meat forever. Since then I have tried my best to be at least a pescatarian.

This year, I have decided to be eating more vegetables and be healthier. One thing I noticed about vegetables is that the plants feed on the light so you can not get any higher vibrations in your body than light-based food.

Now if you look closely into vegetables, ‘Circles’ are everywhere. Nature did not disappoint in the representation of The Source and Creator Of All That Is.

I love cooking, is my passion from a really young age, and what I noticed in vegetables is that ‘Circles’ are everywhere. A few days ago I went to the local shop to buy some vegetables to cook and I love chilies.

To my surprise, when I took some chili out to cook, I found one chili which was in the shape of a ‘Circle’. I just smiled and I said to myself that the first picture I am going to share in this section, has to be of this Chili.

Let us look at the pictures below and see what I am talking about:

Normally Chilie is a straight line in shape, But nature always surprises us and honor our ‘Source’ in mysterious ways. I call this The Circle’ Chili.

The ‘Circle’ Chili
The top angle of the ‘Circle’ Chili

Onions are one of the most ingredients when we cook our tasty foods: Check the pictures below of the ‘Circes’ within ‘Circles’:

The ‘Circles’ inside an Onion
Perfectly layers of ‘Circles’ within an Onion
Circles in the Onion
Circles within Onion

I love aubergine very much and I cook often in my vegetable intake. Here are the pictures I took recently when cooking:

Aubergine is formed on multiple ‘Sacred’ Circles
Aubergine is also formed in multiple ‘Sacred’ Circles as many st

We love to cook with garlic to garnish thousands of dishes across the world. Garlic is also known to be a medicine for the heart and even colds. It is one of the most ingredients used in our preparation of food every day and everywhere. Of course, the garlic cloves makes a perfect ‘Circle’ shape as a whole.

Sacred Geometry in Vegetables – Garlic

The Sun and Mother Earth Gaia

The Sun and The Earth
Credit to

You live in a Circle all your life. Mother Earth 🌏 is holding all of us including plants, animals, oceans and all the creatures living inside it. Just think about it….

Sunset in Holloway Road, London
Sun Setting in Seven Sisters Road, London. I took this picture with my iPhone on 15 Jan 2018. That green ‘Circle’ No idea what it is but it could be the road lights 🙂
Sun Shining in the Countryside of the United Kingdom.

Father Sun sustains us with the light energy which feeds the plants and nourishes our skins with vitamin D. From our eyes here on Earth, it is the ‘Circle’ shaped Sun which rises and sets every day without a miss.

The Moon

The Earth and The Moon Credit to

I can not talk about The Sun and Earth without mentioning The Moon, it would not be fair. The ‘Trinity of Circles’ as I call them. These 3 objects give spectacular Ecplises events all around the world almost every year.

Now if you look at the pictures of the Moon above, you can see that even the craters on the moon automatically take the shape of the circle. Is this a coincidence? Check this closer picture of the moon and the craters within Her.

The Circular Craters on The Moon

For me, it is not. There is an Unseen Force in this Universe we live in which we as humans can not perceive it or understand it fully.

Hopefully one day in the future we might be able to do that.

What we always see from this beautiful event is the conjunction of 3 bodies which form a perfect ‘Circle’ to create a total eclipse. The ancients revered in these events and until today, humans and other animals alike, react to this spectacular show above our skies.

Solar Eclipse – Ring of Fire

The picture above is a snapshot from YouTube when the total eclipse of the Sun happened in August 2017 and formed a perfect ‘Circle’ called The Ring of Fire.

I always wonder if the Source and Creator of All That Is have embedded this sacred geometrical shape in all of his creation as a sign and symbol of Wholeness?!

Let’s continue with the pictures, next is…


We have seen as above that ‘Circles’ are embedded in the Creation around us from the largest or biggest object we can see from our eyes to the smallest. Interestingly not only small things but even microscopic items tend to take the shape of a ‘Circle’. We are all formed of atoms, one of the smallest particle which we can not even see with our eyes straight up except with Microscopy.

Technically, we humans and everything around us is actually Multiple ‘Circles’ in the form of ‘Atoms’ embedded in a single body and through the vibrations and frequency, we appear accordingly as the way we are.

According to Wikipedia, I quote,  “Atom is the smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter that has properties of a chemical element’. Atom is so small and according to Wikipedia, is a 10th billion of a 1 meter. 99 percent of Atom is actually space and it’s composed of a nucleus, protons, and one or more neutrons.

This is how an atom would look like in this roughly drawn sketch:

2 hands and Atom particle

Recently when I was checking my Twitter account, I came across Trivia Day. This is the day whereby people let you about stuff you would not normally think about. Did you know that an average human body of 70 kgs will consist of around 7 Octillion Atoms?

That’s 7 multiply by 10 to the power of 27, that’s 27 zeros after number Seven to make Octillion. I had to google this to confirm because I could not believe it when I first read it. The picture below of the Tweet from Dexterous Dromedary’s Facts is the tweet which opened my eyes to the number of the atoms within my own body:

7 Octillion ‘Circles’ in human body Tweet

So technically, we are all mini ‘Circles’ which are almost 99% spacious.


Recently I went to visit my best friend in Fairlop, East London. I took these pictures just outside his house. I noticed numerals ‘Circles’ within the tree and around it.

The Circles in Trees

Just like us humans and animals, trees are living beings which tend to grow so high. They play a big part in our Mother Earth. Now if you look at the trees, it’s all ‘Circles’ within Circles. From the roots to the branches, trees are always circular in nature.

The Circles in Trees

All the branches, big or small are growing in a circular shape even if they bend somehow.

Even when we garden and tender them, we make a ‘Circle’ around them. Let’s take a look at the picture below:

The Circles within the Tree

Now let’s look at what happened when you actually cut one of the branches of the tree. Amazingly there are rings of ‘Circles’ inside and I believe this is how we actually determine the age of the tree.

The Circles inside Tree’s Branch

In this particular tree, when I was taking pictures I noticed a shape that caught my eye. Here is the picture below: another ‘Circle’ formed in the middle of the stem.

The Circles in Trees; ‘THE EYE IN THE TREE’

In my overstanding, nature as powerful as it is is imprinted with the Source code that maybe our Creator of All That Is has left for us to ponder and try to understand this complex Universe which we are part of.

Just maybe one of the codes or messages is right in front of our eyes ever since the first day of our lives but we are actually missing it or fail to recognise it. Let’s move on to another wonder our Creator has given us in this wonderful Earth and Universe.

Motor Vehicles – Cars, Buses, Motorcycles
 We have come a long way in manufacturing Motor Vehicles that now we are even creating hybrid electric cars and buses. Now if you look closely to the mechanics and designs of these motor vehicles, ‘Circles’ are used immensely to create this wonderful end product which makes us moves from one point to the other.
Tires, Wheels, headlights, steering wheel, the gear, speedometer, etc all are in ‘Circles’. Without the ‘Circles’, we will not be able to travel faster as we do with motor vehicles.
Interestingly, not only to move we use ‘Circles’ in cars but for lighting aka headlights, turning using the steering wheel and also even opening the door, The ‘Circle’ is always in use. Check the pictures below to see it by yourself.
Car – Without a ‘Circle’ this vehicle would not be able to transport you from one point to another
The Wheel – The Essence of The Movement in a Car – A ‘Circle’
A ‘Circle’ is the most efficient shape to be used for topping up Energy Fuel.
Headlights – ‘Circle’ again is used for Lighting so you can see in them Dark!
Nelson Bike – Notice the ‘Circles’ around the bike.
 One of the coolest people ever to live on this Earth must be the Bicycle inventors. Well, at least that’s coming from me. According to Wikipedia, the earliest unverified bicycle invention was from a guy called Gian Giacomo Caprotti, a student of Leonardo da Vinci (I love this guy and in further ahead in this page I will definitely mention him) in around 1534.
  But the person who is verified to be the first practical used bicycle inventor is the German Baron Karl von Davis, who worked for the Grand Duke of Baden in Germany.
 In the late 19th century, early 1860’s two Frenchman Pierre Michaux and Pierre Lallement took the invention to another level and introduced crank drive with pedals which I believe led to the bicycle as we know it off now.
I love this model of the earliest bicycles. Small and Big ‘Circles’
(Click here for a Wikipedia page – History of Bicycle and Bicycle for more details)
I love to bicycle and I am a keen cyclist for over 5 years now here in London even though I have reduced recently due to safety consciousness. I used to live with a friend in just opposite Shoreditch park in London who kindly let me stay with her for over 2 years.
 At this time I decided to cycle to work in West End popular theatre near Tottenham Court Road and Convent Garden. Two of my bikes got stolen, both in Holloway Road where I reside now.
  My second bike was stolen in 2 stages by a cheeky individual who decided to steal the wheels and left me with the Frame alone. So when I found the Frame next day, I unlocked it and the next day it was gone. Oh well, C’est La Vie….
But my dear friend Claudia, who I used to live in Shoreditch felt sorry for me and she bought me a beautiful bike as a gift which until today I am happily riding and owning it. This time I don’t leave it outside anymore.
 So I decided to check and see how The ‘Circle’ is involved in more details compared to the Car as I discussed before. I tried to get pictures of all the ‘Circles’ which makes the Bicycle my favourite mode of transport. I called the bike Nelson cause I got it the same year Baba Mandiba, Nelson Mandela (May He Rest In Peace) passed away and my friend Claudia was born in South Africa. So it was a perfect tribute to these wonderful people.
 The following pictures of Nelson bike, I took with my iPhone and will try to illustrate all the different aspects of this Scared Geometrical Symbol and Shape, ‘The Circle’, which is used immensely in the creation of bicycle.
‘The Wheel’ – The biggest ‘Circle’ in the Bicycle. Without it, you can not move
The Valve – In order to Pump air into the tyre, you gotta use multiple ‘Circles’
The Bell – Always in a ‘Circle’
Cogset, Chain & Spokes – Multiple ‘Circles’ again as You can see by yourself.
Spokes – The tiniest ‘Circle’ shape of the Bicycle
The Conjunction of Pedal and Crank Arm – A ‘Circle’
The Pedal – Notice that to make it easier this part always go round in a ‘Circle’
Part of the Lock-In order my bike to be safe ‘Circle’ is used multiple again to lock it
Lights – Always in a ‘Circle’. Light travels efficiently and effectively in a ‘Circle’
Head Tube – Multiple ‘Circles’ for turning left or right
Handlebar Grip – No better shape than a ‘Circle’ for holding your bike to balance and turning
Handlebar Grip – Sideway view of the ‘Circle’ in place
Frame – ‘Multiple Circles’ for the main body of the Bicycle. Couldn’t choose a better shape than this.
Crank Arm – I call this the ‘Engine of the Bike;m- Obviously ‘The Circle’
Crank Arm – Another angle of these magnificent ‘Circles’
Cogset – ‘The Circle’ Engine of the back tire
Chain – The Multiple ‘Circles’ of the chain to be able to punch the bike forward. Phenomenal Small Circles.
Crank Arm – Top Angle where ‘The Circles’ Meet to create the power to move
My Beautiful Nelson Bike – Circles all around
As you can see the pictures above, ‘The Circles’ is massively used in this wonderful creation. It is my favourite transport vehicle, and after writing this I will try to go back and cycle to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of our beloved city, London.
Every now and then we use candles for prayers, lightning in the dark, for the fire to keep warm the food and so forth. But did you notice that the candles are always in a ‘Circle’?
This sacred geometrical shape is used in so many ways by Nature and by our own selves that we can not even fathom fully.
Below is the pictures of the candle I burned recently on a plate. I could not ignore to notice the beautiful shape of the candle where is literally circular in nature from top to bottom. Even the string which burns is also in a ‘Circle’.

The Burning Candle – ‘Circles from top to bottom’

Candle on a Plate – ‘Circle within a Circle’
Candle on a plate – with a ‘Circle’ Reflection
The candle on a plate – ‘The Circle’ Shadow
                                                     The Bell
In the old school, theatres use The Bell to alert the audience that time for the show is about to begin so that they can go and take their seats.
Now if you look closely at The Bell, guess what? Multiple ‘Circles are used to produce and create powerful sound vibrations that can reach far and serve the purpose. Take a look at these pictures below:
The Bell – All Circles from top to bottom
The Inside of The Bell – Notice how other ‘Circular’ objects inside the bell that are used to make the Sound.
Top Angle of The Bell – Multiple ‘Circles’
Sideways of The Bell
Side View Of The Bell
When I was growing up in Africa, we used to watch Bollywood movies a lot. I remember that in Hindu Temples when they enter first thing they ring is The Bell. Is this to represent the beginning of this Universe when ‘Big Bang’ happen?
Not only Temples uses The Bell, but Churches also use them to call upon the people and get their attention that the time for prayers is approaching. They produce a loud sound that can travel far.

The Bell in one of the popular churches in Prague

Another angle of The Bell in the Church in Prague where I visited recently.
If you look around you, ‘Circles’ are more frequently happening in Nature and even in the Space where you can find the biggest planets and stars which we can not even comprehend.
Interestingly all of them take the shape of a ‘Sphere’, which is multiple ‘Circles’ put together by the Unseen Force. I call this Force, The Source, and Creator Of All That Is.
Did the Source Of All That Is left us a clue in his creation for us to ponder?
Solar System
We are living under the roof of the sky on the ground of this beautiful blue Planet called Earth, Mother Gaia. In Herself, we found all different kinds of creatures from tiny or even unseen by the eye to the largest animals that have lived here before us like Dinosaurs. It doesn’t just hold creatures, but also Trees, Volcanoes, Mountains, Lakes and Oceans which covers around 70% per cent of Her Mass.
You are living in a Sacred ‘Circle’
Interestingly She is not alone in this adventure as She is part of the Solar System which is governed in motion by ‘Sacred’ Circles. All the Planes in our Solar System revolve around the Sun in a ‘Circular Motion. There are so many debates been made about this but let’s just stick to what is regarded as the mainstream thought.
Take a look at the picture below of our Solar System and notice these ‘Circles’ involved in the making of this spectacular entity.
Our Solar System is governed by Sacred ‘Circles’ every single second
Mother Gaia revolves around the Sun around 365 days to make one year. This is done by ‘Circular’ motion. Let’s take a look of another Planet which resides in our Solar System, Neptune.
The ‘Blue’ Planet, Neptune

This beautiful gaseous ‘Blue’ Planet like all of them in the System, looked as a ‘Circle’ through our telescopes here on Earth. This has fascinated me since I started realising the connection of a ‘Circle’ with all things around us and further. Whatever this unseen ‘Force’ is, the end results of most things created are either in ‘Circles’ or that the ‘Circles’ plays a major role in their existence and presence. For me at least I will say that, The Source of All embedded this sacred geometrical symbol and shape tenterhooks visible or invisible by our eyes so that we can ponder and realise by ourselves that we are all one big ‘Circle’ within ‘Circles’ that’s are connected from the beginning of Time.

I love the Trolleys. They are useful when carrying heavy boxes or drinks packages or anything else needs moving. As I said before, ‘Circle’ plays a big part in the movement of any kind. Look at this beautiful Trolley below:
Not just the wheels which are ‘Circle’, to handle the trolley comfortably, the bars have to be ‘Circular’ in nature.
No ‘Circles’, No Movement and that means no easy way of carrying boxes etc
Trolley’s Wheel, Beautiful ‘Circle’
Next time you are going to put your clothes on, just have a thought that lots of ‘Circles’ have been used in creating the end of results of whatever you are wearing.
Either be underwear, a shirt, trousers, jeans, jumper or any other clothes, ‘Circles’ are used all over in the process of making clothes.
A sewing machine is full of ‘Circles’ all around. I have taken a few pictures of Old and New Sewing machine to illustrate how ‘Circles’ plays a major role in making up garments. Let us start with an old version of the sewing machine.
An Old Sewing Machine

As you can see by yourself above, from Balance Wheel, Stich Regulator, Spool Pin, Pressure Bar, Pressure Regulating Thumb Crew etc, are all ‘Circles’ working together to stitch and make our clothes.

An Old Sewing Machine
 Now let us look at the newer versions of sewing machines; Circles are still in use since they make most things practical and easier to use.
‘Circles’ in new Sewing Machine
Another Angle; Notice The ‘Circles’ around the machine
As you can see from the pictures above, sewing machines are full of ‘Circles’ which are used in the process of cloth making. It does not end there though, even the threads which are used to stitch and bind all the clothing materials together, are all stored in a ‘Circles’. Let us have a look at pictures below:
Threads are always kept in ‘Circles’

‘Circles’ make it easier for the threads to be used in an efficient way when sewing.


In the process of cloth making, scissors are also important tools used to cut the garments in any shape needed for the design. Interestingly, a Sacred ‘Circle’ is used to open or close the scissor so that I can function on the process intended. Check the pictures below:

Without a Sacred ‘Circle’, Scissors won’t open or close to be able to cut.
The Sacred ‘Circle’ manage the Scissor to open or close in order to cut the object intended
One of the most interesting thing I have observed and surprised me about taking the shape of the Sacred ‘Circle’ is Waves. I was watching a video in Facebook and straight up I noticed the ‘Circle’ beng formed when the waves reaching the shores. Let’s take a look at the pictures below:
Sacred ‘ Circles’ in Waves