Circles in the Kitchen

The Unseen Force and Circles

Circles in the Kitchen

4th July 2016 Circles in the Kitchen 2

The Symbol of the Kitchen

Circles rule the kitchen as a whole. Every day we cook food to eat and nourish our bodies. When you look around in the kitchen, almost all used cooking utensils or appliances are all in round (Circle) shape.

The kettle is always circular in nature. All the cups, mugs, and glasses are circular in shape and this makes the flow of liquid easier and comfortable for the drinker.

Tea anyone?

Tea anyone?

All bottles are based on a ‘Circle’ from top to bottom. To open or close a bottle’s cap, you have to twist the cap either clockwise or anti-clockwise in a circular motion.


Take an example of Microwave, in order to warm the food or cook, the ‘Circle’ is used for turning the ingredients.

Notice the circle plate where we put utensils to warm food

Notice the ‘Circle’ plate where we put utensils to warm food

‘Circles’ also are also the efficient way used for control the powerl level of the microwave plus the timer for defrosting. They are also categorically the main switch for turning on most electrical equipments like a microvase. (see a picture below)

I am observing a washing machine in my kitchen as I am writing this, the ‘Circle’ is used again here for turning the clothes so that they can be washed up.

The magical 'circle' doorway of washing machine

The magical ‘Circle’ doorway of washing machine

The magic of ‘Circles’ doesn’t end there, all the other kitchen utensils like juicers or blenders use circles to grind or juicing fruits.

Have you noticed the gas or electric cooker? To turn on the oven or the cooker gas stove, you will use a ‘Circle’ in one form or another.   Most buttons to click are all in ‘Circle’ shapes.

I was cooking rice in one of these few days using a rice cooker which is obviously ‘Circle’ in shape. Interestingly when the water was warming up, I added olive oil to the rice and the water. To my amusement, the oil took the shape of ‘Circles’ just after a few seconds. Take a look at the picture below:

Olive Oil turned to ‘Circles’ when added in warm water.

Take a moment when you are cooking and notice all the ‘Circles’ around you. 

From rice cooker, oil bottles, cups, and mugs, plates, candleholders, washing up liquid bottles, glasses, even black bags are all associated with a ‘Circle’.

Notice the round shapes of Nutribullet and kettle

Notice the round shapes of Nutribullet and kettle

Rice And Pressure Cookers in perfect 'circle' designs

Rice And Pressure Cookers in perfect ‘circle’ designs

I am looking at the mop bucket and in order to squeeze the mop, ‘Circle’ is used again where you place the mop and squeeze. When you handle anything, the round shape is always more useful, easier, and efficient in dealing with most situations or scenarios.

This symbol is a powerful representation of the Infinite Creative Force of our Universe. I believe that the Supreme Source and Creator of All That Is have embedded this sacred ‘Symbol’ in all creation of this magnificent Universe (or even Multiverse!?).

My aim of this website is to try to show this phenomenon and hopefully we come to the realisation that We are just a one big ‘Circle’ here on Mother Gaia

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  1. Kath says:

    Interesting stuff, I’ve never really noticed before.
    Love your website. Keep it up.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Kath for your comment. Very much appreciated. When you go to work one day try to notice circles around you. There is so much connection to this wonderful sacred geometry symbol. Love it. Blessed be

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