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17th May 2017 Circles and Spirituality 0

Fun Facts About Circles

I believe Our  Supreme Source and Creator of All That Is has left us so many clues and signs just in front of us to ponder and contemplate the greatness and awesomeness of The Creation. The question is, are we seeing them or even trying to understand them?

We are all ‘Circles’ within a Circle that is within a Circle.

Just open your eyes and see. Try to observe around you and see how many Circles you can connect in your daily lives. Just for fun.

This is what I have been noticing since this idea came to light.

Did you know that when you open your eyes the day you were born is through a ‘Circle’ that you see the first thing since you arrive on earth?

Did you know that when you are in a womb, you start as a ‘Circle’ and finishing in a ‘Circular’ position in 9 months?

Did you know that every angle inside the Circle always reduced to a single number of 9? 360 , 180, 90, 45, 22.5, 11.25 all these degrees add to number 9 eg. 11.25 =====> 1 + 1 + 2 + 5 = 9

Did you know that the smallest particle, Atom, is in ‘Circle’ shape and the electron and neutrons particles always vibrate in a ‘Circular’ motion? (See a picture below)

2 hands and Atom particle

Did you know that the largest object you will ever see with your own eyes here on Earth is in a perfect ‘Circle’? The Sun

Sun Setting in London January 7th, 2018, Holloway Road

Did you know that when you join your four Fingers with your Thumb, you will always make a ‘Circle’?

Did you know that all the Planets in our magnificent Universe always moving and rotating in a ‘Circle’ orbit around the stars? Not only that, Their shape is always a repeated ‘Circles’.. (The Sphere)

The Sacred Mother Earth and The Moon Motion

Did you know that a Rainbow is always in a ‘Circle’ shape but we only see part of it? Look at the picture below taken by my very good friend in Australia of Double Rainbow.

Rainbow is always in a ‘Circle’ shape. We only see half of it. Picture credit by Mala Wood.

Did you know that most cooking utensils are in a ‘Circle’ shape? The kitchen is ruled by ‘Circles’. Not only cooking utensils, mugs, spoons, cans, etc all take a shape of a ‘Circle’ for better and efficient use in the area where we make our food for our energy every day.

Chapati on Frying Pan

Did you know that to move from one point to another using any form of transport ‘Circle’ will always be used?

I love this model of the earliest bicycles. Small and Big ‘Circles’

Did you know that Energy always vibrates in a ‘Circular’ motion? Take an example of an Atom. Electrons and Neutrons always move in a ‘Circular’ motion around the Nucleus.

2 hands and Atom particle

Did you know that all trees, small or large always grow in a ‘Circle’ shape? And is the ‘Circle’ or ‘Circles’ used to determine the age of the tree by examining the stem?

The Circles inside Tree’s Branch

Did you know that Sound always travels best in a ‘Circle’? The interesting part is most equipment used to control sound is full of ‘Circles’. Check this picture below:

‘Circles’ used to control and manipulate Sound. Picture Credit: by Sam Saluci

Not only controlling sound ‘Circle’ is used, but also even after recording the sound, for playing the ‘Circle’ is at the frontline in this case. Vinyl, CD’s, and even cassettes always use a ‘Circle’ for perfect sound production.

Did you know that all hurricanes move in a ‘Circular’ motion forming an eye within a shape of a ‘Circle’?

Did you know that when you open the door, you will always use a ‘Circle’? Either by the keys or the door opener? The door has to move in a ‘Circular’ motion for it to open.

Unless of course is the automatic door. I will not be surprised if ‘Circles’ are actually used even in the automatic door. Circle rules the motion of matter.

You have to twist the door opener in a ‘Circular’ motion to open

Did you know that galaxy’s black holes are always ‘Circles’ and the gravity is so strong in them that they suck everything in passes across the opening? The galaxies themselves are always in the form of a ‘Spiral – (The repeated Infinite Circles)?

A recent picture of Black Hole was released recently by scientists around the world. Here is a funny tweet by Brigitte Gabriel:

Did you know that Flowers will always take the shape of a ‘Circle’ from the start till it blossoms? Have a look at these pictures below:

Daisy in Majestic ‘Circles’

Circles in Flowers

Did you know all the pens for writing are always in ‘Circle’ shapes? It’s easier to hold them in your hands for comfort.

Did you know that water will always flow better and faster in a ‘Circle’ shape objects? In the bathtub, is the ‘Circle’ which is used to let the water drained.

Did you know that the raindrops are actually circular in nature?

Did you also know that most road signs used for direction or even road lights are always in a ‘Circle’ shapes?

Road SIgns and Traffic Lights always in ‘Circles’

Did you know that all the antennas for wave transmission always take the shape of a ‘Circle’?

Did you also know that the ocean waves will always make a ‘Circle’ at a certain point before collapsing in the end?

Waves doing a ‘Circle’

Did you know vegetables always have ‘Circle’ in them?

Middle of Corguette

I can go on and on but one thing in common in all of the above is the ‘Circle’. Most probably you knew all of the questions above, but did you ever notice the connection of ‘Circles’ in our Universe? The Supreme Source and Creator of All That Is left so many clues and signs for us to contemplate The Greatness and Majestic Self of The Unknown. A ‘Circle’ is one of these signs embedded in almost all creation of this Uni-Verse.

Thank you for reading my blog and if you have any comments, do not hesitate to make comments or ask questions. Appreciation and gratitude in advance to you all.

In lak’ech Alakin


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