Solar and Lunar Eclipses

The Unseen Force and Circles

Solar and Lunar Eclipses

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Solar and Lunar eclipses are one of the most spectacular shows on Earth which we can witness by our own eyes.

We get the chance to see our Earth blocking the sunlight to the moon causing the lunar eclipse. In 2014, 4 blood moon (Lunar) eclipses happened which is called Tetrad.

Due to the spherical shape of the Moon, Earth, and the Sun, the eclipses appeared as 2 ‘Circles’ joining together.

The solar eclipse in August, 2017 gave us a chance to see ‘the ring of fire’ as it happened in some areas of African continent.

This picture below was taken from youtube live feed of the solar eclipse in 1 of September 2017.

Solar Eclipse - Ring of Fire

Solar Eclipse – Ring of Fire

What fascinates me the most is that ‘Circles’ do appear and are involved in almost every aspect around us even in the sky and beyond.

From the large objects, that we can see by our eyes like the Sun, and to the smallest things and organisms like sand and bacteria.

For solar or lunar eclipse to appear, the orbits of all the 3 objects involved are also circular in nature. Our solar system is in motion at all times and amazingly all objects move in the ‘Circle’ repeatedly.

Lunar Eclipse 27 July 2018, The Blood Moon

All planets revolve around the Sun and all the moons orbit the planets in circular motion.

From all the scientific evidence we have got, all stars and planets are spherical in nature. This is due to natural forces of nature that we can not see with our own eyes.

What we see with our own eyes is the circular shapes of our own planet from the pictures taken by various satellites in the space.

Take a look for example of Saturn planet with the rings. Have a read from Wikipedia page of Saturn and find out more about the rings here

Not only that the planets revolve around the Sun or any stars, in particular, they also rotate in circular motion too to form Day and Night. Right now as I am writing this, you and I are on a planet that is rotating in ‘Circles’ repeatedly and going around the Sun in ‘Circles’ too.

Circles affect us in everyday activities that we could ever have imagined. Just remember when you open or close the door, you turn the key in a circular motion.

The ‘Circles’ are used frequently in our daily lives even opening a door.

My theory is Circle is a symbol of Unseen Force which is a Supreme Source Energy that is present in all aspects of creation. Once you look around more and more, it will be hard to not see it and once you see it, you will not be able to unsee it.



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