Sports and Circles

The Unseen Force and Circles

Sports and Circles

5th August 2016 Sports and Circles 0
Football Sphere

Summer is great for sports and this year we are spoilt with the Euro 2016 football competition. If you watch any sport, Sacred ‘Circles’ are used all over the place.

The Ball

One thing I noticed from the Euro 2016 football competition is that all games are started in the middle of a ‘Circle’.

The ball used is in ‘Circle’s physical representation as a sphere.

All balls used in most sports are all based on a ‘Circle’. This shape helps the movement of the object to be stable and fluent compared to any other shape.

We hear in Wimbledon Tennis competitions and all other grand slams umpires calling, ‘New balls please’….

If the balls were not in ‘Circle’ shapes, all games would have never experienced the bouncing and smooth movement.

All kinds of sports use the same feature for the ball in order to compete in a smoother environment. Well in exception of Rugby I guess. Even that the rugby ball is still based on the ‘Circle’ notion

Let us take a look at the Olympics games which happen every 4 years in a chosen country. Have you ever wondered why the Olympics games are represented by the symbol of ‘rings’?

Is it a coincidence? The rings represent the 5 continents and the connection between all nations and people in our beautiful World as One. There is no other symbol best suited to represent our connection rather than a ‘Circle’.

If you are watching the Olympics or any other sport, try to observe the ‘Circle’ phenomena. You will start to see that is in every sport.

The Infinite Source used the ‘Circle’ from the beginning of the creation process and this will always be reflected in our daily lives from ourselves to everything around us.

Sometimes we will notice and probably most of the time, we will never do it.

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