Stonehenge and Circles

The Unseen Force and Circles

Stonehenge and Circles

20th June 2016 Stonehenge 2
Sunrise in Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2016

Sunrise in Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2016

Today 21 June 2016 is Summer Solstice in England and Western Hemisphere where is the longest day of the year and the shortest night likewise.

This is one of the few days that the public is allowed to be around the Stonehenge stones overnight to celebrate the beginning of Summertime. It is a ritual which has been taken by the indigenous people of the United Kingdom known as Druids.

I always make an effort to visit this amazing structure every year whenever I can. The first time I ever visited in Summer Solstice was in the 2012 Summer Solstice. I loved the atmosphere and I have been going back every Solstice ever since.

2012 was a significant year in Mayan Calendar. The last date of the Mayan long count calendar was on 21 December 2012, The Winter Solstice day. There was a Mayan priest invited in both Solstices to make a prayer during the Sunrise in Stonehenge during this time.

What caught my eye when I visited Stonehenge was the structure of the stones which until today we are debating how they were moved all the way from Wales (debatable place) to that particular location.

Lots of theories have been said and written about this. One thing for sure though, is that the people who made this structure had a purpose for it. Either used for burials or any rituals at that time, the location was chosen on purpose and deliberately.

One of the theories which I connected with is that the location is the centre point of magnetic fields where they cross each other and connect to create higher levels of magnetic field and energy. These structures have also been called ‘Ley lines’.

Find more about ley lines here: Source Wikipedia

The Stones were arranged in circles from the centre outwardly. On the day of Solstice, the sun rises at a particular point on the horizon and the stones are arranged precisely with this phenomena.

Summer Solstice 2016 Stonehenge

Summer Solstice 2016 Stonehenge

This was the moment I asked myself the question of why a circle? This was the place for the first time I noticed a ‘Circle’ and throughout I have seen and noticed connections of ‘Circles’ in our daily lives that are significant to ignore.

Ancient societies were fascinated by this symbol/shape and have been used in their paintings, structures, and mosaics everywhere around the World.

My theory is that ancient societies were aware of the significance of a ‘Circle’ and they revered this symbol/shape in all of their time.

The circle is the symbol of perfection. When you draw a circle, there is no end and 360 degrees of the circle represents completion. When you add the numbers, 3+6+0=9, 9 is the answer.

9 is the number of completion, higher awareness, higher consciousness, and connections. Interestingly we as humans, stay 9 months in our mothers’ womb before we come to this World.

9 is the only number when multiplied by any number, the result of adding all the numbers to a single digit will always be 9. For example, 9 multiply by 365, the answer is 3,285.

Now lets add the single digits, 3+2+8+5 =18. 1+8 = 9.

This number is also the last one you will count before the number change to tens of thousands etc.

I guess the question of why the circle was used will always be there and different answers will be given all the time. In my opinion, the Circle is the Symbol of the Infinite Source and Creator of this Universe, represented in all around us to see and connect.

I look forward to visiting Stonehenge every summer for the Summer Solstice.

Feel free to leave any comments, they are highly appreciated.

Blessed be to you all


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  1. sahra says:

    Awesome article!!
    Very informative.
    keep it up!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Sahra. Just like a circle, we are all connected in all senses of our reality. Thank you for taking time and read my website. Blessed be

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