The Circle – The Wonder of Creation

The Unseen Force and Circles

The Circle, this shape has fascinated me since I noticed the Circular ditch when visiting Stonehenge, Wiltshire in June 2012.

I remember walking for almost over half-hour with other enthusiasts who were there for Summer Solstice with excitement. Fresh air breezing against my face,  with sunset looming over the horizon in the middle of Wiltshire countryside, it was a beautiful sight to see.

One thing I found out when approaching the stones, besides them there is a circular earth bank and ditch which is known to be older than the stones, around 5,000 years old roughly (dated around 3100BC). Interestingly this ditch is in a ‘Circle’ shape.

I still remember walking through this ditch from one point around the stones and back to where I started and wondered why did this ancient society at that time decide to dig this ditch and make it a ‘Circle’ in shape?

Since then I have been observing and researching more about this important shape and symbol which is present around us in so many ways and attributes. What I have learned is that the ‘Circle’ has been a big part both in spiritual and physical worlds since the beginning of time.

I am noticing more and more every single day and this is the reason why I decided to write about it even though I did not even know how to start. I said to myself, just give it a go because this is worth it. It has become a part of meditation for me.

I now take a few minutes to notice things around me and how The Circle is involved in one way or the other. The more I look around, the more I notice how important this shape is.

If you ask me is this the perfect shape ever, my answer will be Yes straight away without hesitation.

Recently in London, there was a thunderous rain on one of the Wednesday afternoon. I was working in the theatre and got caught out inside. I and my colleague waited for the rain to subside.

In a spur of the moment, I decided to do my ‘Circle Meditation’ as I call it. I chose to concentrate on the raindrops this time around. I stare at the rain from above hitting the road from inside Barclays Bank in Soho through the glass window. Then there I saw it again, as the raindrops hit the hard surface, multiple ‘Circle’ shapes were formed due to the friction between the raindrops and the road surface.

As I am typing this right now, I am drinking a nice cuppa of tea and there is the no better shape of a mug than a ‘Circle’.

From the moment you wake up till you go back to bed, ‘Circles’ affects you so significantly without even ourselves realising it. Just take an example of you coming out of the door to go to work in the morning.

But when you open the door, the lock will always be turned in a circular shape either by the key or doorknob.

You have to twist the door opener in a ‘Circular’ motion to open

Believe me, whatever transport you are going to take, The ‘Circle’ rules the motion of any kind. No moving equipment can go from one point to the other without a ‘Circle’ be involved.

You name it, bicycles, cars, airplanes, helicopters, scooters, etc without a circle, these types of equipment will never be able to move in a perfect condition. Just one word for you, Tyres, without this magical creation, you won’t be able to move from one place to the other by using any vehicle.

My Beautiful Bicycle

When you go to the supermarket next, just try to observe all bottles sold around you. Can you see a ‘Circle’ everywhere?

One of the best places to observe ‘Circles’ is nature. Nature is full of circles. And guess what? it all appears in so many aspects of it in front of our eyes, and most of the times without even noticing it.

Recently in Americas, they experienced lots of powerful hurricanes with crazy destructions to name the few. Interestingly when I observe one of the hurricane’s satellite videos I could not stop to notice the ‘Circle’ in the middle of this powerful nature’s creation.

As they call it, ‘The Eye of the Hurricane’, the air moves in a circular motion to form a ‘Circle’ in the middle of the hurricane with devastating effects to the land and properties.

Is this the ‘Ultimate’ symbol and clue that our Source and Creator of All That Is actually embodied it in all of his creation around us maybe one day we will notice this and see our connections of everything?

Recently there was a suggestion of new united nations flag, I noticed straight up the design of it cause it includes the ‘Flower of Life’ art.

This ancient symbol is of interlocking circles based on sacred geometry representing the formula of nature.  This ancient symbol has been there all our lives. Did the ancients saw the wisdom of this symbol and used it to make the ‘Flower of Life’?

Illustration of the Flower of Life Symbol

I have got so much to write about this, but I will end up here for you to ponder what I have just written above. Just remember right now, you are in this magnificent World, The Earth, which is a circular shape, moving and revolving around the Sun (Which is also the largest circular object we can vie by our eyes) at a speed of about 30km/sec in a circular or near circular orbit.

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And guess what? Tonight the time I am publishing this article, is a full moon, and is in a near perfect circle from our eyes here on Earth. Is this a coincidence? I heard one lady said to me, ‘THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES’…..

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Just let that sink in

Thank you for reading my blog. Please do leave comments and I will be grateful and answer or reply to all of them. I wish you a pleasant day.

In lakech alakin