The Unseen Force and Circles

In today’s societies, some of us are living in the middle of the big city, to be precise London for me. Just like all the other major cities, living in these cities has its challenges and also benefits too.

I could never emphasize the duality idea here as a very important part of this Universe. Ancient societies knew all along about this because if you really pay attention to the surroundings around you and really listen to yourself, you will definitely see it.

But sometimes we even see things or hear ourselves deep within but we are afraid of reaching there. You have to get to  know your dark side to appreciate the light side.

Yin and Yang, Masculine and Feminine, Dark and Light, Right and Wrong, Up and Down, Outside and Inside, Big and Small, Life and Death Every action has a reaction. This is one of the principles of our Sacred Universe. It is all Energy in the end. Everything around us whether we see it or not is Energy.

The Duality

We are as a global community, are advancing further and further in technology that now we are creating robots who can lap dancing, helping with house chores, receive you at hotels and talk to you, cars which can drive themselves, we even trying to find that smallest particle ever of this Universe.

We have this DNA print within our bodies that we know now for sure that it exists. But where is this very complicated data imprint comes from though? Do we even ask ourselves often the question, ‘Who Are We? What is that are we really made off’?’ Why are we even here? Fairly some folks out there do ask these questions but the answers vary accordingly which makes everything more interesting and intriguing.

Well for me, these questions have been so regular in my mind that I started reading and do my own research just trying to understand what’s going on. In this process, I stumbled across Ancient Knowledge.

Coming from an Islamic background and Africa, It was not easy to acquire this knowledge especially when I grew up there was no internet and materials were very scarce. You have to really seek ‘within and without’ to reach there and get an understanding of what is really going on. Rumi, The Sufi Teacher once said, ‘What you seek, is seeking You’.

I am so glad that Ancient Knowledge is seeking me because I will not stop seeking it. I have learned so much from these Ancient People and Societies that today I am writing this website because I took that leap to open my mind and learn.

This knowledge led me to go and visit Stonehenge in Summer Solstice 2012 in which I have never been the same ever again. The rest is history….I was fascinated by everything I felt and saw when I was there. Noticing the ‘Circular’ Ditch they built 1,000 years before even the stones, made me think about this shape more than ever before. Not just the ditch around the stones is a ‘Circle’, the stones themselves were also arranged in a ‘Circle’.


I asked myself the question,’ Why a Circle’? There must be a reason. Then I started noticing this shape slowly and slowly in my everyday life. I kept an open eye and out in my mind, the thought came that this shape or symbol must be an important one for them to use it and do a ‘Circular’ Ditch alongside the stones.

The stones themselves were arranged so that they form a ‘Circle’. Was this a mere ‘Coincidence? I really do not think so. I remember one lady in a spiritual talk I attended a few years ago, she started by saying ‘There Are No Coincidences in Life. Everything Is Connected’.

These Ancient people were not stupid people as most people think. We are here because they exist too (The Chain Reaction). We are their great-great-great-grandchildren. But have we forgotten something about ourselves that our ancestors have left us in front of our eyes for us to ponder?

In my theory, early ancient societies had much closer attention and understanding of the nature around them that they noticed and learned things that we take for granted now. With our technological advancement, we are growing further apart from ourselves causing conflicts and misunderstandings within ourselves and our fellow human beings.

Slowly though, lots of people around the world are starting to question things around them causing a wave of awakening that is giving hope for the future. Aren’t we all a big ‘Circle’ experiencing the Divinity here on Earth and beyond?

A ‘Circle’ which starts from a single point continuously and infinitely goes round and round until whoever chose to stop at a certain point. But the whole idea is that it can go on and on FOREVER without stopping at any single point.

if you look closely at what we are made of from the smallest particle of our substance, it’s always been a ‘Circle’. The sub-particles of atoms which made the whole of the universe we reside in are all represented in ‘Circles’.

The most interesting thing is that the vibrations are also in ‘Circular’ motion. The following picture is the sketch of the Atom particle which is what we and other beings and all things are made of. The electrons and photons move in a ‘Circular’ motion around the nucleus to form the main particle resulting in the foundation of all things.

Check this out:

From the smallest particles in this Universe we reside, into the largest objects which we can even fathom, the ‘Circle’ is always been the main and centre shape of everything around us.

We as humans are connected through the vast unseen field of vibrational waves of space that we can not see with our eyes or even comprehend. This Mysterious Unseen All-Powerful Force which created All is for some reason using this magical sacred shape of ‘Circle’ in all creation around us and beyond.

Recently NASA pictured 2 black holes moving in a circular motion which ended with a  merger of 2 galaxies. These black holes which are of course in a ‘Circle’ move in a circular motion to reach their final Merger.

Circles and Number 9 

Let us now talk about the relationship between a ‘Circle’ and numbers. The circle has 360 degrees as agreed by most mathematicians. Now if you add up all the single digits 3 + 6 + 0 the answer is 9. If you half the Circle degrees become 180. Again if you repeat the process the answer is also 9. If you divide the Circle in any number of degrees the designated sum of the degree will always be a number 9.

Is there any Divine connection with this shape? Check this video from You-tube account of Mike Jackson which broke down nicely to explain this phenomenon:

Interestingly number 9 has characteristics that no other number can match. If you multiply any number with nice, the sum of the single digits of the answer will always reduce to 9 itself. (See the post of numerology and circles)

This sacred symbol or shape is so engraved in our lives and universe in general that we either do not notice it at all or just not paying attention. From the largest object to the smallest particle in this universe, The ‘Circle’ plays a major role in the mechanism and functionality of the existence of it all.

Is this the first thing or thought that Our Creator, The Source of All That Is that actually made or created? I tend to think so.

Creation and Circles

When a human being is conceived in the womb, the egg of a woman is actually in the shape of a ‘Circle’ while the sperm is more of an oval like shape. Let us look at this microscopic video below of sperm and egg footage by A/V Geeks’ you-tube account.

We can see clearly the numbers of ‘Circles’ of the female egg being fertilized by the sperm. Next time you crack an egg open for frying, just try to notice the perfect ‘circle’ of the yolk in front of you. This is the nutrient-bearing portion of the egg that acts as a food provider to the embryo.

The question is, ‘Does this apply to all creation of this beautiful Universe?’ It seems that everything starts from the shape of ‘Circle’ and developed to its current state through the process of creation or re-creation.

Interestingly most of the smallest particles or any forms of life, ‘Circle’ tend to be the earliest shape of these microscopic organisms on our beautiful planet and even beyond. 

In religion, the ‘Circle’ has been used widely in the worship areas such as mosques, synagogues, temples, and churches. The domes are popular structures in all worship places all over the world. Most cathedrals have domes with them and so many popular mosques such as The Dome of the Rock in the old city of Jerusalem. 

One of the spectacular worldwide gatherings happens every year in Mecca, Saudi Arabia where Muslim pilgrims perform a Hajj ritual as one of their pillars of Islam religion. Before performing a Hajj or Umrah, the pilgrims are supposed to ‘circle’ Al – Kaaba the Cube seven times. 

A massive ‘Circle’ can be seen from above of people circling Al- Kaaba forming a spectacular moving ‘Circle’. This ritual is called Tawaf and it happens almost 24 hours every day of the year. 

Youtube video – Circling of Kaaba & Saturn North Pole (As Above So Is Below)


At the moment we are living in strange times. I am sure just like myself, no one anticipated just a few months ago that we will be in lockdown in most parts of this world due to coronavirus known as COVID-19. This has come as a shock to a lot of people around the world causing so much distress. 

This lockdown has made so many people pause and reflect on their own ways of living. Have we forgotten ourselves to the point of not caring whatsoever about our planet? So many thoughts and ideas are being said and discussed at the moment. 

Srikant Naik posted this tweet which caught my attention. As we continue to ponder about our reality right now, let us look at the virus itself. Crazily enough the shape of this vicious virus which is killing people at an alarming rate is, wait for it, a Circle. 

The tweet below shows the picture of the COVID-19 virus in microscopic level taken by the Indian scientists: 

In this lockdown, I have come to realise more and more about how we as humans are connected like a giant ‘Circle’ with different dots in it. This virus does not choose your location, colour or anything as far as you are human. The Creator and Source of all that is has left us so many clues in front of us to realise this and in my opinion, The Creator has used this sacred symbol in form of a ‘Circle’ to show us we are just one wholeness living in a ‘Circle’ (The Earth) powered by a Circle (The Sun).